[English] In the murder of Kaczynski’s handwriting is seen Putin

Publikacja w serwisie: 04 May 2010
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Analysis & Comments

1.5.2010 18:43George Gordin, “Commentary from Russia

Now, when the body of the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his companions are buried in the ground, it’s time to remember those who organized the crash the aircraft. Finished on the site of the crash survivors and Poles continued to mislead the world public the results of the so-called “investigation”. It is known that the “investigation” of the disaster is taking place under the guidance of the same people who staged the plane crash and sent a special task force will “mop up” the survivors. Of course, what would be the “results of an investigation” conducted by individuals, the primary objective of covering up traces of the crime. When kill themselves and their own investigating, the perpetrators usually do not find. However, there is a world community.

And the child of one of our comrades are at the office, through which a large number coming from the crash site of primary information. Many of the details we know first hand. A comparison of the texts of the Russian propaganda with materials first-hand allow amendments to the well-known information. Let it be our contribution to the investigation of one of the most audacious crimes of the early 21 century.

First Amendment. It is well known that from the first minutes after the accident instead of coming from the Airport “North” information went on the air, composed in haste, not qualitative dezuha.

Just about everything that there is actually happening. About the thickness of the fog, the sounds that are heard encountered. About four approach. About the order, ostensibly, the most Kaczynski, put the plane in Smolensk. About what he likewise nearly wasted a plane in Georgia. About the behavior of different services, and alleged that existed “language barrier”. About what actually showed local residents, especially flight crews and airport workers. About every little thing.

We were able to trace the process of drawing Cheka lies in the mode of on line. Clearly see two trends. One could be described as – at the entrance to some information at the output are very different. Often the opposite of the information, which allegedly served as the basis for the broadcast of official communications.

Comparison of input and output messages in the mode of on line, suggests that all, without exception, the materials were forged into one specific, “the flat one at the top” installation. Tampered with, not only journalists, selected publications (although not without it), and, above all, the official Russian news agencies.

All Russian news agencies and the media – “Transformers” had to convince their readers, viewers and listeners that “the plane crashed through the fault of the crew, who failed in their task under difficult weather conditions”.

The second trend lies in the preparation of the Cheka on line mode can be defined as – at the entrance at all any information from the scene. On the way out – do not know from where a resounding “reliable information”. Of which, allegedly, had just received from the crash site. There was no information concerning the crash. Probably unnecessary to specify that the pure fabrications of the output given under the same setup – the plane crashed through the fault of the crew, who failed in their task in difficult weather conditions “.

From the First Amendment we conclude – plant, under which lie prepared after the disaster, was prepared before the crash Lech Kaczynski. A discordance and confusion have, first of all, excessive efforts Kremlin propagandists. They tried their utmost, as can be colorful and convincing lie.

Clear instructions and the same in the first minutes of the accident were not far do not arise. For comparison, recall at least one example of the behavior of the Kremlin news agencies and the media, when there was no advance of harvested plant.

When he died the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin, in a few hours, Russian media were silent, with his language in one place. All the big Western agencies have already reported this news, when the Kremlin just came around and gave an indication of how and what to report.

After the crash of Lech Kaczynski’s installation, “how and what to report” appeared once. So were the officials who knew in advance that the plane will fall.

Amendment Two. Our experts otsmotreli all available video material and made the following conclusion. Even if firefighters had not arrived at all and would have burned down all the fragments of the plane that flamed in the first few minutes of filming (video material Andrei Mendereya), nor what kind of “twenty cadavers are not identifiable,” we could not go. Even with the steep angle degrees at which the plane had stopped the president of Poland.

Not to mention the fact that the fire was extinguished quickly (it can be seen in the later formal surveys of the same fragments of the plane) and that most “are not identifiable, as were military recruitment and protection of the president. From a Russian bullet in his head, as in 1940, the body “died in air crash” native not return.

Phrases like: ‘Calm down! “,” Do not kill us! “,” Look into his eyes! “,” Give a gun! “Immediately after the disaster in Polish could pronounce only passengers liner. And, here’s a team in Russian: “All the back move from here!”, Could give only the commander of special forces, which shot the wounded Poles.

About the other points on the film and say nothing. Who else is in the early spring – April 10 in the morning in the cold forests of Smolensk could stand just beside the collapsed liner in a white shirt, as no member of the crew? Other well-known and direct evidence of Katyn – 2, any healthy person can look at himself.

By the way, our friend – a former senior officer in Special Forces DoD asserts that after the failure of the operation (the video had to withdraw Andrew Menderey) performers are no longer alive. As the second stage of the shooters – those who participated in the destruction of the unfortunate riot.

Surviving the crash Poles realized that the men “in black” (video) came to kill them and fired back. It is heard on the tape. Artists guidance Putin “worked” with silencers. But the video with sound and image as the attackers, so the survivors, beat all their tricks.

Therefore, some “Russian officials” two weeks can not forge the contents of “black boxes”. Others, realizing that it is burning, abandoned in the media trial balloon about “Caucasian trace” in a plane crash of President of Poland. There will be more, “officials” of Russia and Poland unfolds. However, the traces they could not succeed.

From the second amendment we conclude that the “official information” about the “genetic material” instead of bodies 21 do not correspond to the Pole of the wreckage. So they were killed for other reasons. Clarifies the reason for filming Andrew Mendereya.

Amendment Three. All the experts in one voice drew parallels with a recent crash of an aircraft during landing at Domodedovo. But there were completely different conditions. The crew of the Tu-204 from Egypt, was on his feet early in the morning, that is – almost a day. After the departure from Moscow to Hurghada korotnuli wires and smoke appeared. Flight to a decent distance, had to unfold. It is clear that they were all very nervous.

After replacement of wiring in the same aircraft with the same passengers flew to Hurghada. Passengers had to reassure and to persuade that there is no danger anymore. Direct flight to Hurghada, depending on the type of aircraft – about 5 hours. Flew back to Egypt. For the crew of the Tu-204 taking into account the return and repair has passed 9 o’clock. Sanitary standards flew. By good, I had to sleep.

What to do – book a hotel and pay for parking aircraft? The more expensive that the scheduled passengers on the return flight had already taken out. The airline did not say thank you. They agreed to fly back.

On approaching Moscow haywire navigation equipment. Unlike the Polish aircraft was late at night, and on March 21-22 over the whole of Moscow was really thick fog. Planting of “squinting” instrument has not worked, the crew tired and harassed, and now the radio altimeter roared. You see, the land close – Fuck you! The result – a common mistake self-confidence of an experienced pilot puts the plane hundreds of times in similar conditions. Almost a native airport.

In Smolensk Airport North “nothing like that happened. Neither night nor of the fog, or extremely tired crew, who spent the whole day in a tense and nervous atmosphere. Standard situation, well rested and attentive crew. Prior to the intervention in control of the aircraft by at low altitude, navigation equipment works fine.

From the third amendment we conclude that the weather conditions and state of the crew in this case could not serve as the main cause of the accident.

Fourth Amendment. Both aircraft, whose accident was compared by experts, a similar type. In Smolensk, TU-154 in Domodedovo Tu-204. Aircraft flying from Hurghada just fell in the woods, just been torn wings. The result – two in intensive care, the others received injuries of varying severity. When falling in a forest, on a similar type of aircraft at the time of discovery of the remains of the TU-204 from Hurghada all men were alive!

Of course, there is a difference between the crash of an aircraft with multiple crew members (Tu-204 in Domodedovo) and ship with 96 people on board. But the plane of the Polish president was downloaded in less than two-thirds. TU-154 takes on board 163 people. When you load less than 2 / 3, the plane managed without difficulty.

The following circumstance – Polish airplane, catching wing trees, overturned. However, during the boarding of passengers and crew members must be worn. There is no reason to think that this rule was not observed when landing in the not very thick, but still a fog.

The latter circumstance, can affect the number of deaths – the angle of attack aircraft at the time of the collision with the earth. There are reports of experienced military pilots that the Tu-154 Lech Kaczynski, “came in to land, as the fighter.” That is, a steeper angle than usual. This can actually increase the number of victims. This is shown as fragments of the plane, and their location.

The official version – “during the disaster killed all”. Conclusion Expert: the probability of universal death of all people in the plane of the Polish president is the same as if the water flowed from the open faucet would not be down and up – straight to the ceiling. That is, the probability that a given accident killed all 96 people aboard a Tu-154 – zero.

Because the Fourth Amendment we conclude that, in any case, the Polish ship was to be surviving and even the surviving passengers. They might not be exclusively in one case – if special task force dobila them after landing.

We can even call the number dostrelyannyh – their number ranges from 10 to 21 people. According to the most experienced experts in this disaster are not identifiable to stay (do not turn into mush identifiable or very burnt) a maximum of 10 – 12. Not everything during the disaster were in the bow of the liner. The flame quickly extinguished. Probably not truly identifiable remains at the crash site was very little or did not exist.

So it remains “only genetic material from the 21″ according to the FSB, and is a number, in fact, survivors after the disaster on board the presidential plane Lech Kaczynski. They finished off the Russian special forces soldiers, and then taken away and turned into a charred pieces of flesh to conceal the traces of the crime.

Fifth Amendment. As staged crash liner Polish President? The experts explained to us that simple. The plane was shot down Russian special services, at low altitude, changing the parameters of landing. There are several ways. For example, second manipulation Instrument landing system at no great height before the landing.

Or an electromagnetic pulse on the longitudinal or lateral control channels aircraft (rudder, ailerons) before landing. The pilots have all seen and understood, but doing nothing could. Not enough time. Therefore, to hide the traces of the crime, survivors of the crew and those who could hear their talks, it was required to finish on the ground.

What is the order of Putin miscalculated performers, so that among the survivors were armed and brave people who, even in this position to give effective resistance. Special group could not easily shoot the wounded Poles during the prescribed time limit. I had to stay at the place of execution, and there they been caught ran up people in the first place, Andrew Menderey, who shot what is happening on camera.

All that was then, incidentally, has gone exactly to plan mapped out in the Kremlin. Wreckage was surrounded, and no one allowed to go, took the dead in air crash and shot on the ground. Removed traces of attacks and reprisals.

This amendment – the key to understanding what happened and explains everything, then comments are not necessary.

Sixth Amendment. Why Putin has decided to make a crime in their territory? Experts say that in this way to bring down aircraft and to ensure reliable protection of the terrorist attack, you must be a wholly owned Russian special services area.

First, the required electromagnetic pulse thousands of kilometers can not send. And the Instrument landing system can use only the one who sits at the control tower remote control or controls a part. But this “side” should be very close, at no great distance.

Second, in its territory the best possible cover up the traces. What happened to the first second after the fall, is now and will only happen when they start to announce the results of the official “joint” investigation.

The experts identified a lot of positions. The need to change twice the physical sources of noise – “lamp” in front of airplanes Kaczynski and immediately after the disaster.

Dostrelyat survivors, break into pieces and burn the pieces of the body shot the passengers of the ship and crew. Ensure the “mysterious disappearance” of evidence, for example, that a weapon from which the survivors were shot in the crash guards Lech Kaczynski and the military.

To search the bullet Special Forces and the Polish military in the remains of the aircraft and trees on the site of the massacre. Falsify indicators “black boxes”. Provide a summary of weather and other parameters of the catastrophe, which are necessary to confirm the false version of the supposedly “caused the crew, who was unable to land in difficult weather conditions”. And much more.

From the sixth amendment we conclude that the technical solution attempt and, in the first place, “covering the event” demanded that the plane was shot down on the territory controlled by Putin’s special services.

Proceed to the seventh amendment – “political expediency” (from the standpoint of the Kremlin) of this terrorist act.

Lech Kaczynski was in relative safety as long as long as Putin is not an eye on the new “Polish Yanukovych – a tightly-minded” friend of Russia, “Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. This was the point where the tip Chekist Russia broke only one question – how to clear the way for his puppet or his associates from the same company “Friends of Russia”. Knowing the habits, and previous cases of Putin, is not difficult to guess in what ways they planned to do it. What and how did the whole world learned on April 10 morning.

From the seventh amendment we conclude that the rate of the Kremlin to “Polish Yanukovych” – Donald Tusk, his associates and the electorate has launched the mechanism of physical removal of Lech Kaczynski. It is desirable, together with its most striking colleagues. Methods – the most common of the arsenal of Putin and his comrades from the KGB.

Eighth Amendment. At that organizers hoped to attack in such a risky practice? After all, the consequences can be really – and always will be – the most undesirable for the Kremlin. Nothing new, as all the past ten years, the emphasis on the most ordinary fools.

The Kremlin has always considered the leaders of the Western States a little silly. These, which listens to the views of its people and rush to some sort of human rights as a whore with a bowler hat. This thesis I prove and testify in person.

The Kremlin still believe that no one would believe that the leader of the Russian Federation could decide on that. Instruct their subordinates to organize the assassination of the President of another state on its territory! Do not believe me, including my own eyes and ears. If politicians and burghers affluent countries to produce conclusive evidence – still can not believe it.

In the West, in the minds of the townsfolk their ideas about the limits of the Kremlin’s perfidy. Such a risk! Such cruelty! Why? So this, my dears, Russian! There has never been otherwise. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

And no self-confident burghers not remember the true face of Putin when he, in a fit of anger left unchecked, promised to “hang the balls” Georgian President Mikhail Sakashvili. He said that in the presence of the leaders of Western countries.

No one remembers, sincere regrets Putin that he was unable to end poison Viktor Yushchenko. President of Ukraine – the state, which, according to a public statement of Putin “does not really exist.”

Nobody remembers Putin assigned the rank of general of the Russian power ministries and intelligence services who had escaped from Kiev to Moscow poisoners Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko.

But Lech Kaczynski was the third president of the neighboring state after Sakashvili and Yushchenko, Putin, whom he hated more than the rest. Nobody expected such a meeting? At the school of Russian special services. Within the walls of the KGB Putin were taught to act suddenly and unexpectedly for the enemy.

Of the Eighth Amendment we conclude that Putin has always killed people, whom he considered his enemies. And at such risk, spending most high-profile raid, including abroad. Lech Kaczynski was in the top three enemies of Putin and the only one to whom he could reach. There is a “Polish Yanukovych” turned up.

With regard to the calculation of the Kremlin is not passable on fools who do not believe even the irrefutable evidence of the crime, to date, this calculation is justified even in Poland.

Ninth Amendment. Each person has his own ’signature feature, which determines its behavior. There she and Putin. The West has failed to correctly answer the question: «Who is Mister Putin?» Just marked propensity to use force to solve, but it’s crumbs.

A distinctive feature of Putin’s an eye-catching. This is his ultimate cruelty on the verge of insanity.

School children in Beslan in September 2004. Putin’s order to suspend the negotiations and “good” to the burning of children from tank shells. The result – more than 350 dead, far beyond the 500 wounded. This includes, left to murderous fire otstrelivavshiysya rebel best fighters the Russian Special Forces. A huge number of people with disabilities.

Hostages in the musical “Nord – Ost” on Dubrovka in October 2002. Insurgents killed three people, according to Putin’s team was poisoned at least 174 spectators. It is only those of the victims, whose names could prove to their relatives. False official figure is not even worth mentioning.

Not lagging behind his boss Putin’s proxies, such as “baby Kadyrov.” Today, they commit atrocities, which once had received legal assessment in Nuremberg. All Putin’s inner circle – both for selection of candidates for the dock of the International Military Tribunal.

What else needs to know to predict the behavior of Putin and his subordinates at the meeting vehemently loathed in the Kremlin, the president of the neighboring state?

From the ninth amendment we conclude that the killing of Lech Kaczynski, and 95 of his comrades fit into the basic characteristic of Putin, with the same accuracy as the cartridge in the chamber.

10th Amendment. Key milestones in the biography of Putin. They are monotonous, but very significant, in light of the assassination of President Lech Kaczynski and a large part of the Polish elite.

What remains unclear when the house blew up in Moscow and Volgodonsk in the autumn of 1999? In this case, at the state level called the explosion before it took place! Even Adolf Hitler did not allow himself to blow up peacefully sleeping Germans. Confine ourselves to the Reichstag fire.

A continuous series of “mysterious” murders of serious political opponents of Putin, human rights defenders, journalists, representatives of youth NGOs and simple? From the moment when Putin received power, political killings in Russia and outside the Kremlin put to the continuous flow.

Defenseless women shot in the back alley or being killed right in Putin’s police. Healthy men thrown out of windows, poisoning poisons and shooting from behind a corner. To break the unruly security forces Russia burned their houses, abducted their children and kill their parents. What else you need to know that, after yet another atrocity of the Russian authorities do not nudit: “It can not be! At that nobody will go, “and other nonsense.

From the 10th Amendment we conclude that all previous biography of Putin, full of the same monotonous crimes which took place April 10 at the airport “Northern”. It would be even a little bit strange if Putin did not try at least to poison their enemies.

Now we come to the merits.

The eleventh position – handwriting Putin. In any criminal behavior have such characteristics and nuances that no one else can not be forged. Even if it is wanted.

See examples.

Terrorist attack in February 2004 in the Qatari capital Doha. They blew hated Kremlin Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev and his 13 year old son. Poorly trained saboteurs from Moscow, then came across that little. They left cutting the wires and pieces of tape in a rented car. Serve them have, like chickens at dawn. Putin has made their extradition to Moscow.

And now, carefully! We approach the chief. Transferred from Qatar bandits mediocre at the airport were met at the level of heads of foreign states. Now they are heroes in the eyes of colleagues and an example for the Kremlin’s youth.

Precisely here lies a characteristic flourish of his handwriting. This, if you want a signature Putin under those crimes, the ideological inspiration which he was, is now, and will be up to the bench of the International Tribunal. This script Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Stands, this feature of handwriting so – officially we do with it, but everyone should know and understand that this could only do we! And it happens with all those who dare speak against us!

Examples of thousands. Known primarily those crimes which are investigated in other countries. For example, the poisoning of Sasha Litvinenko. His poisoner named Lugovoi significant was appointed to the State Duma. So all of you Europeans and other Englishmen! So that everyone knows who really killed his enemy, and why. And what will happen to others, they dare to contradict a retired KGB major.

Do not fall behind his favorite appointees. Could “crumb Kadyrov” without the knowledge of Putin to organize a series of assassinations abroad? It is ridiculous to think about.

In Russia everything is much simpler. Themselves and kill themselves “look”. Without exception, all “orders” of Putin – is not disclosed. Roared the kidnapping in front of everyone at the airport Magas and demonstrative shot straight into a police car owner Ingush website Mahomet Yevloyev.

Shivering bloggers! Even if compliant colonel Putin’s special services you revealing shoot in front of large gatherings, will answer ordinary cop – points. And more than a year of probation he will not give.

A special case – the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. Putin has even allowed himself to publicly humiliate that “her murder has caused us much more damage than what she wrote.” Vanity form of the same message across – shivering, we can not only kill, but to kill, spit and not notice!

This matrix can not be forged. She got out immediately after the murder Lech Kaczynski. From the titles of All-Russia’s enemies will find their end of Smolensk “to a more camouflaged forms -” I now take the top friends of Russia? ”

The handwriting is the same – it was officially a disaster, but everyone should know and understand who and what killed him Polish president and his associates. And what happens with the rest, if that. And so – “regret and mourn together with the friendly people of Poland for the victims of the terrible air disaster.”

From the eleventh amendment we conclude that Putin has always put his autograph under organized and carried out the attacks. He put it now.

Last – the 12th observation. How will react officials of other states? It is easy to predict. Many people try to gloss over the obvious and indisputable facts. Will close their eyes, plugging their ears, not to see, do not know and did not hear.

Why? Very simple. In the light of today’s events should look like all the political driver’s seat and I apologize for innovation – kozlitsy, which for years kissing, and associate with a retired KGB major?

Who invited this guy simply Cheka to your dinner table, pushed the laudable speech, told him compliments, and was called to rest on the private island in the warm sea?

Who to this day continue to strive for “good relations” with the Putin’s Russia and so its power, all kinds of tracer pipes and other “pragmatic”? They have since lapels front jackets and lapels skirts now in blood and Lech Kaczynski, the Polish elite.

I would not be surprised if we soon see again, along the two main partners in the murder of the President of Poland. Putin and Yanukovych Polish “- Donald Tusk. And both will be in two throat to tell the same story about the Kremlin’s “results of a joint investigation” and “unbreakable friendship between the Russian and Polish peoples.”

And in the background obliging commentators, no, no, yes cautiously hint that some time ago, two “brotherly nations” trying to split a Lech Kaczynski and his associates. However, do not ask.

Therefore the killing of the President of Poland and much of its political elite is now becoming a serious challenge for many Western democracies.

Yet, there is a white light of such policy and national leaders that Putin is no obligation. Furthermore – who earlier saw the essence of Putin and his regime. He knew the real views and actions of a retired major, so no surprise occurred. There are sighted MPs, NGOs and the press.

There is opposition in those countries of Europe, whose political elite practice of giving Russia’s Gazprom and others Deripaska.

There are Western intelligence agencies, NATO and world opinion.

In the end, there is a captured video of Andrei Mendereya, professional experts, a lot of honest, decent and courageous people. Therefore kyrdyk you, the Kremlin monkey.

P. S. Community forum of the Chechen Adamalla wrote that under the name “George Gordin” hidden Proshin Sergei Aleksandrovich (www.adamalla.com), Vice-consul of Russia in Istanbul. Forum cleaned, message Gordin Proshin cached Google search terms on this link:

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Bo są zbyt winni

Biedni nie pojmują tego
bo są zbyt biedni
Bogaci tego nie pojmują
bo są zbyt bogaci

Głupcy wzruszają ramionami
bo są zbyt głupi
Mądrzy wzruszają ramionami
bo są zbyt mądrzy

Młodych to nie obchodzi
bo są za młodzi
Starych to teź nie obchodzi
bo są zbyt starzy

Dlatego nic się przeciw temu nie dzieje
i dlatego to się stało
i dlatego to się dzieje
i dziać będzie nadal

- Erich Fried -
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