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Dear friends,

I have held everyday contact with people of the Polish Solidarity before, during and after the Polsh president’s plane crash, I observed how the story unfolded, and I can say the following.

First, the video is authentic. After the crash, the Poles started looking for clues at once because there were no coherent official explanations available, nor are now. My friend, a Solidarity leader, sent this video to me immediately when she located it on the web. Since then, this video has remained unchanged in all its versions: in slow motion, with and without comments, with and without magnification. The only distorted version, with cuts, was once shown on the Russian TV.
Raw video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxdOnSsPV9I&feature=player_embedded

Video with comments in Polish and English: http://mignews.com/news/disasters/world/240410_70814_50474.html
Latest version – analytical slow motion video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqMkqyAFob0&feature=player_embedded

Second, I confirm that the transcript of Russian speech (I do not know Polish) in this video is correct. They do shout “Don’t shoot us!”, and some others do shout “Move, you scum!”, etc., etc.
NB: I was the first person whom my Polish Solidarity friend asked to listen to this video and to make a transcript of what is said and shouted in it. Although I am an audio engineer, with the sound quality of my computer and with my headphones I managed to decode a mere 30 to 40%, and made some mistakes. Later, studio engineers in Warsaw applied elaborate professional equipment to make a transcript. They also applied slow motion and freeze frames to see and discern more. I listened again, simultaneously reading their text, and I confirm the accuracy of the transcript. I asked my friend to pass my congratulations to engineers who did this job.

Third, must we ignore this video or not? It was placed on the web by an unknown person under a nickname; nobody knows who he is, and no one had never used this nickname before or after that video. Initially the video, as well as other suspicious evidence, was ignored by officials and mainstream media – in Russia of course, but in Poland, too! By now, however, the Polish Home Security Agency in Warsaw announced that it has started investigation and analysis of the video and, somewhat later, declared it to be authentic and in no way forged. Some web commentators, in Russia as well as in Poland, have noted that the behavior of the operator is likely to betray his being a member of the group making cleansing and shooting survivors. The origin of the tape thus being mysterious, it was nevertheless not assembled, nor compiled, nor else: it is genuine.

Fourth, there is NO ‘compelling evidence’, neither ‘in the form of an earlier flight involving the Polish President, that the pilots were ordered to land in unsafe conditions’, nor in any other form. A foreigner who was on the same plane with President Kaczinski when landing in Azerbaidzhan instead of Georgia, said the Polish President reacted to the pilot’s announcement with a smile and said, ‘Well, we shall now have to find a fast way to get to Thbilisi [Georgian capital] from there’. The foreigner, a well-known person, published this in the Russian Internet space and put his name under his article. (I do not remember the author’s name but I can find his article out if someone deems it necessary.)

Fifth, yess, the official information is ABSOLUTELY UNRECONCILABLE with the ‘conspiracy theory’ or, more correctly, with the video and other evidence. The official information has been minimalistic, tongue-tied, incoherent and changing. Exactly like the Soviet ‘information’ always was. And even worse.

Now, to the evidence – official as well as unofficial – that opposes the Russian version (or, more correctly, VERSIONS because there have been many of them):

– A reconstruction of the last minutes of flight with photographs of broken trees, made by a Russian expert some days after the crash and published on the Russian web, shows that the plane was following a false landing direction, flying constantly in parallel with but 350 to 500 yards (or even up to a mile, according to some sources) to the left from the straight line leading to the landing strip. The plane was obviously led astray from the correct path. (Questions: Why did the Polish plane drift so badly off its course? What was the trouble with the landing beacon? Where was it located? Or relocated? Or was there an additional false landing beacon placed? Or else? Why, anyhow, was it guided in a wrong direction? Remember: airplanes are in fact guided not from the cockpit but from the ground!)
Analysis in Russian: http://picasaweb.google.ru/Amlmtr/MWzNeJ#5460120625184606402
(Indeed deserves to be translated!)

Moscow disinformers first said that the aircraft approached to land four times. Later they admitted it approached only once.

Moscow disinformers first wrote that the Polish pilot did not know the Russian language and mixed numbers “1,2,3,4” (in Polish they sound very similar). Later it turned out that the pilot perfectly spoke Russian.

– Some minutes before the approaching Polish plane, there was a Russian aircraft of IL series flying the same path. It had a similar problem: it slipped on one wing and might probably hit the ground, too, but managed to leave. (Questions: What was that Russian plane doing there? Was it testing the operation of the false landing beacon?)

– Why did Putin and pro-Russian Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk, Putin’s strong ally and marionette, arrange a meeting THREE DAYS BEFORE the anniversary of Katyn massacre? They knew perfectly well that on the proper day President Kaczinski would visit the site and hold a solemn ceremony as he always did before. They avoided attending the actual ceremony and made a false ceremony of their own. Putin arranged the meeting with Tusk with great publicity and even ordered to demonstrate a Polish film about the 1940 massacre on the Russian TV – but theirs was an untimely meeting. Why did they do this? (Answer: Putin acted as Tusk’s image maker and promoted him as a politician more efficient than Kaczinski, which should lead Tusk and his post-communist party to power.)

– Gen. Roman Polko, commander of the Polish special task force “GROM”, in his interview for the Polish news program “Aktualnośc dnia” (Radio Maryja) said his contacts among NATO officers wonder why Poland has not appealed to NATO for help in the investigation.
Taking that Poland has now a pro-Russian prime minister and a pro-Russian president, and that all former Polish military command have been annihilated, the Tusk’s team can effectively block contacts and did this.
(In Polish: http://www.naszdziennik.pl/index.php?dat=20100508&typ=po&id=po22.txt)

– News by Polish agency Radio Zet, published in newspaper Wiadomości (9 May 2010, 12:27), says:
Shots on the Place of the Disaster? – New Testimony of Russian Policemen
“From the testimony of Russian militiamen who had arrived at the place of of the presidential aircraft
disaster in Smolensk, it follows that they heard sounds resembling shots. In the minutes of their interrogation, thunder noises and echoes reminding those of shooting are mentioned, informed Radio Zet. […]”
(In Polish: http://wiadomosci.wp.pl/kat,1356,title,Strzaly-na-miejscu-katastrofy—nowe-zeznania-milicjantow,wid,12247431,wiadomosc.html)

– On 10 April Piotr Paszkowski, Press Secretary of the Polish Foreign Ministry, said on the TV that three people were alive and were sent to a hospital. No information has even appeared about those people any more.

Sławomir Wiśniewski, operator of Polish state-owned news channel TVP at the Telewizja Polska (Polish Television) reported 10 April at approx. 11:00 from the place of the disaster. Wiśniewski watched the Polish President’s plane crash from the distance of approximately a mile.
He said some years ago he saw a similar plane crash in Kabaty, near Warsaw. There was one large fire as usual in plane accidents, he said.
This time in Katyn, however, there were one explosion and two bursts of fire. He grabbed his camera and ran to the place. He saw no dead bodies or wounded people [question: where were they?] and thought the aircraft was empty, without passengers. There was complete silence. Unlike in other plane crashes, there were only small fragments. [Question: an explosion?] The FSB [Russian secret police, successor to KGB] people immediately surrounded the place and let no reporters to enter. They struck Wiśniewski on his head with a Kalashnikov, seized his camera and took away tapes [question: why, what for?], and they drove him away for interrogation.
Wiśniewski said he saw the plane jumping in the air from an explosion.
All earliest video shots from the place of Kaczinski’s plane crash, translated all over the world, were made by Wiśniewski.

Find additional analyses translated from Russian at the web addresses:
Putin’s handwriting in the murder of Kaczynski:


Brutal Landing (an analysis by Russian dissident Valeriya Novodvorskaya):


Scent of Shale Gas Hangs Over Katyn (by Yulia Latynina):


Valeri Kalabugin
Member of the Board, Estonian Institute for Human Rights
Tallinn, Estonia

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  • karola :

    …dlaczego na rosyjskiej stronce..pierwsza wiadomosc o katastrofie jest o 8.25??????

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  • karola :

    A jeszcze jedno…


    zgroza!!Wywiad z Bogdan Święczkowski – były szef ABW (2010-05-08)


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  • Igor :

    I hope that truth will be find out. It`s a big crime, I feel so much shame for I live in Bloody Russia now.
    Hold on, polskie druzia!
    Freedom and Love will win!

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  • Misiek :

    >>Gdy prezydencki Tu-154 zaczął spadać nad drogą przy lotnisku w Smoleńsku, potrzebował jeszcze niespełna 5 sekund, czyli ok. 400 metrów, by z powrotem wzbić się w powietrze. Tej odległości zabrakło…….gdy pilot Arkadiusz Protasiuk zorientował się, że jest za blisko ziemi, próbował poderwać maszynę. Osiągnął 60 proc. mocy silników, co potwierdzają świadkowie przesłuchani przez rosyjską prokuraturę, którzy słyszeli ich wycie, gdy samolot przelatywał nad drogą. Do uzyskania maksymalnej mocy i przejścia z fazy lądowania dostartu w powietrze Tu-154 potrzebował jeszcze niespełna 5 sekund, czyli 400 metrów. Gdyby ten manewr się powiódł, samolot wylądowałby na brzuchu, co pozwoliłoby na uratowanie jego pasażerów
    Dane odczytane z polskiej czarnej skrzynki nie pozwalają jednak na zbadanie, dlaczego załoga w ogóle zdecydowała się na lądowanie we mgle<< zrodlo G.P.

    Teoretycznie wszystkie spiskowe wersje są możliwe: można wywołać mgłę, oszukać sygnał GPS-a, wyłączyć radiolatarnie, wytworzyć ślad wirowy, kontroler może podać pilotowi złe dane. Nikt jednak zdalnie nie zmusi pilota, by próbował we mgle szukać ziemi
    “Przegląd Lotniczy Aviation Revue”

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Po przekroczeniu granicy rosyjskiej konwój z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim zmierzającym 10 kwietnia do Smoleńska na miejsce katastrofy miał zwolnić, a następnie krążyć po mieście. W tym czasie premier Donald Tusk rozmawiał z Władimirem Putinem. Według ustaleń Polskiego Radia, trasę z Witebska do granicy białorusko-rosyjskiej konwój z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim, który zmierzał do Smoleńska, by zidentyfikować ciało prezydenta RP, pokonał bardzo szybko. Tuż po przekroczeniu granicy rosyjskiej zwolnił. Pokonanie około stu kilometrów z Witebska na miejsce tragedii zajęło blisko trzy godziny. – Bardzo sprawnie dojechaliśmy do białorusko-rosyjskiej granicy. Tam 40 minut sprawdzano nam dokumenty, mimo że mieliśmy paszporty dyplomatyczne. W drodze do Smoleńska eskortowała nas już rosyjska milicja. Jechaliśmy bardzo wolno, około 25-30 km/h - relacjonował jeden z członków delegacji Adam Bielan. Delegacja pytała konwojujących milicjantów o powody tak wolnej jazdy. W odpowiedzi mieli usłyszeć, że takie mają rozkazy. Jeszcze przed Smoleńskiem pojazd z prezesem PiS został wyprzedzony przez kolumnę z premierem Tuskiem, który na Białorusi wylądował kilkadziesiąt minut po Kaczyńskim. Potem autokar z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim jeszcze krążył po mieście. W tym czasie premierzy Polski i Rosji odbyli spotkanie. Informacje te miał zweryfikować Piotr Paszkowski, rzecznik Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych.

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