An amateur video from Smoleńsk – an analysis and audio transcription

Publikacja w serwisie: 06 September 2010
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[PL: Amatorski film ze Smoleńska – analiza oraz transkrypcja audio]

I received the letter with the analysis along with the phonetical transcription of the soundtrack from the amateur film from a group from South Australia – TnX.

The original video by Andriej Menderiej (file time stamp) that has been made available a few days after the plane crash was used to perform this analysis. The Polish Internal Security Agency has not found the video’s continuity and the lack of manipulations in the soundtrack to be forged and the Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the video made by Andriej Menderiej is original.

A team of people has been working on the analysis of the video but because of the possible consequences, its members wish to remain anonymous. All of the members have a higher education, one is a PhD. One of the members is also a former musician (a saxophonist) and on the face of it has a very good hearing. We all know Russian at various levels but the goal of the committee was to reconstruct the content of the Polish utterances, making the reconstruction of the Russian utterances a secondary task.

The soundtrack analysis has been performed in order to make it available to some people from the Polish colony in Australia who don’t have the opportunity to perform this analysis on their own. After the elections some brought up the issue of making the transcription of the soundtrack available to a wider part of the society. The argument against was the question whether it was necessary to publish this transcription while residual transcriptions of the soundtrack do exist and convey what is generally most important. It was decided however, that the difference in at least one utterance heard in the second part of the video that the other transcriptions don’t explain makes it HIGHLY UNLIKE those other. From this fact arose the decision to make the analysis widely accessible. As was stressed though, it doesn’t do away with all the doubts and uncertainties, however, the amount of work aimed at making the analysis as accurate as possible guarantees its preciseness.

The same analysis can be verified by being performed by anybody who has the equipment and software suitable for this type of work. The committee used the programs: Adobe Audition 3 and Goldwave v.5.56. The process of clearing and reconstructing took about two weeks 7-8 hours daily (the work was done by each member of the committee). We think that this unofficial version of the analysis of the soundtrack (we’re actually waiting for the official analysis of this video by government agencies) is a thoroughly prepared analysis.


The aim of this is report is to show the results of the analysis of the original soundtrack from Andriej Menderiej’s video taken at the site of the plain crash of the presidential PLF 101 plane at the military airbase Northern Smoleńsk at 10th April 2010. The Polish Public Prosecutor’s Office claims that this video is original and free from manipulation. With relation to the fact that there are numerous and quite often faulty transcriptions of this video on the internet, the essence of this work is aimed at an objective and factual presentation of the course of events.

The murmur of the conversations is often heard in the background. Let’s remember that due to the sound of steps, the breathing camera operator, the crack of branches being broken, the distance of the speaker or the low-pitch of the utterances it is extremely difficult to clear and amplify the soundtrack to a level of a clear-cut audibility. Even though at certain seconds we can’t be absolutely sure about the words spoken and we can only suggest the most probable content, it doesn’t have a significant impact on the final results and content of this soundtrack analysis.

The camera operator (Andriej Menderiej) is filming the events concerning the group of people that survived the presidential plane crash. From the transcription below it is clear that those people continued the struggles to defend the lives of those who survived the crash. There are only male voices registered in this recording.

Soundtrack transcription

The soundtrack begins with deliberations which started sooner, that is before Andriej Menderiej arrived at the site of the plane crash. The participants of these deliberations must be acting very cautiosly since there isn’t a register of these deliberations in the first seconds of the recorded sound.

1) 3,3 sec. “Przyjdź kiedy” (Polish: “Come when…”; a short instruction, the voice comes from quite far away and the instruction is difficult to be identified clearly, the most probable content is suggested)

2) 5,3 sec. “Tak, idą dwóch” (Polish: “Yes, two are coming”; the people speaking are close; the tone is approving and the voice is muffled)

3) 5,8 sec. “Teraz idzie tu…” (Polish: “He’s coming here now”; the people speaking are situated close, the voices are significantly muffled)

4) 6,8 sec. “Tak, tak” (Polish: “Yes, yes”; the people speaking are close)

5) 8,0 sec. “Teraz bądźcie czujni” (Polish: “Be on the lookout now”; the second part of the deliberations)

6) 9,4 sec. “Trzech,… idą!” (Polish: “There are three…. they’re coming!”; in an alarming voice)

7) 10 sec. “Uspokój się” (Polish: “Calm down”; the person speaking is close and says it in a commanding manner)

8 ) 12,8 sec. “Uspokój się” (Polish: “Calm down”; the person speaking is close; the tone is imperative)

9) 17,4 sec. “Patrz mu w oczy” (Polish: “Look him in the eyes”; the person speaking is close and says it in a commanding manner)

10) 20,5 sec. “Rusy będą zaraz!” (Polish: “The Russians are going to be here soon!”; a young, healthy voice in an alarming tone; the identification is difficult – this is the suggested, most probable content of this utterance)

11) 21,9 sec. “Uspokój się” (Polish: “Calm down”, the person speaking is close and says it in a commanding manner)

12) 23,8 sec. “Ja, ne widi” (Russian: “I’m not visible” ; the speaker is slightly distant and the voice is quiet)

13) 24,7 sec. “Wsie żiwi” (Russian: “They’re all alive”; the Polish people are calling almost in a perfect unison; healthy voices are heard)

14) 26,4 sec. “Płocho” (Russian: “That’s bad” or “Almost” said in a morose tone of voice)

15) 27,9 sec. “Ta pani z tyłu żyje?” (Polish: “Is that lady in the back alive?”, a clear question)

16) 29,3 sec. “Żyje, żyje.” (Polish: “Sure, she is”; said with a south-eastern Polish accent?)

17) 30,5 sec. “Wsiech ubijac!” (Russian: “Kill them all!”; it’s clearly heard that the order comes from a walkie-talkie radio, the speech is very muffled, some level of uncertainty remains)

18) 31,4 sec. “Ubijac!” (Russian: “Kill!”; the speaker is close, a commanding voice)

19) 31,9 sec. “Naczelstwu do gaworem…” (Russian: “We’ll tell the headquarters that…”; the sound comes through the walkie-talkie, a part of the order is drowned out by what the Poles are saying)

20) 33,1 sec. “Nie dorównamy im” (Polish: “We can’t compete against them”; the remainder of this utterance is deafened by the sound of a portable siren)

21) 34 sec.The sound of the portable siren

22) 42,9 sec. “Ich glawny utieka, Kola” (Russian: “Their leader is running away, Kola” in an alarming voice)

23) 46,5 sec. “A tak krużic! krużic!… (Russian: “Surround him! Surround him!; two people are shouting)

24) 48,0 sec. “Dawaj tuda paskuda!” (Russian: “Bring this scoundrel here!”; a commanding voice”)

25) 49,5 sec. “I ubijaj tuda!” (Russian: “And kill him here!”, a commanding voice)

26) 51,8 sec. ”Wot, daj mi vodka!” (Russian: ”Give me some vodka here”, said imperiously)

27) 53,5 sec. ”To jest,… Ruska Respublika! (a summary in Russian: ”This is the Russian Republic!”

28) 55,3 sec. ”O Wielki Boże!” (Polish: ”Good God!”; a frightened voice of an elderly person)

29) 57,3 sec. A shot is heard

30) 59,3 sec. ”Panie Kaczyński to jest…” (Polish: ”Mr Kaczynski, this is…”, the same person as above is speaking; the remainder of this utterance said in a terrified voice is deafened by what the camera operator is saying)

31) 60,5 sec. ”Ni huja sjebie!” (Russian: ”Holy shit!”; the camera operator is shocked)

32) 62,9 sec. ”Dlaczego to zrobiłeś? (Polish: ”Why did you do that?”, said in a calm, priest-like tone of voice; the rest is not heard because of the camera operator’s breath)

33) 65,7 sec. ”Ne słuszaj” (Russian: ”Don’t listen”; the commander’s order)

34) 66,7 sec. A shot is heard

35) 69,3 sec A laughter of a few people

36) 70,1 sec A weapon is being reloaded twice

37) 72,4 sec Wsie nazad bo, kurwa… (Russian: ”Go away you all or I’ll fucking…”, an order given to rubbernecks, the rest of the utterance is undecipherable because of the shot)

38) 73,3 sec. Another shot is heard

39) 74,8 sec. ”Aleksiej tam!” (Russian: ”Aleksiej, over there!”, said in an alarming voice coming from far away)

40) 75,9 sec. A shot

41) 76,7 sec. ”Czemu nas zabijasz?” or ”Czemu go zabiłeś?” (Polish: ”Why are you killing us?” or ”Why did you kill him?”; a distant and muffled utterance, the voice probably belongs to the same person that spoke in 62,9 sec.; the most probable content is suggested)

42) 78,8 sec. ”A tech uhodi szto” (Russian: ”And you – go away”)

43) 80,5 sec. ”Uhodia” (Russian: ”I’m going”, a reply to the order above)

44) 80,9 sec. ”Ni huja sjebie” (Russian: ”Holy shit”, said by the shocked camera operator)

45) The sound of the siren of the arriving fire brigade.

End of recording.

No further explanations are needed, the phonetic transcription is clear and unequivocal. Now we can only wish for the sake of all of us that a official and professional analysis of this video will be performed by proper government institutions.

translation: Michał Nowicki.

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Po przekroczeniu granicy rosyjskiej konwój z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim zmierzającym 10 kwietnia do Smoleńska na miejsce katastrofy miał zwolnić, a następnie krążyć po mieście. W tym czasie premier Donald Tusk rozmawiał z Władimirem Putinem. Według ustaleń Polskiego Radia, trasę z Witebska do granicy białorusko-rosyjskiej konwój z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim, który zmierzał do Smoleńska, by zidentyfikować ciało prezydenta RP, pokonał bardzo szybko. Tuż po przekroczeniu granicy rosyjskiej zwolnił. Pokonanie około stu kilometrów z Witebska na miejsce tragedii zajęło blisko trzy godziny. – Bardzo sprawnie dojechaliśmy do białorusko-rosyjskiej granicy. Tam 40 minut sprawdzano nam dokumenty, mimo że mieliśmy paszporty dyplomatyczne. W drodze do Smoleńska eskortowała nas już rosyjska milicja. Jechaliśmy bardzo wolno, około 25-30 km/h - relacjonował jeden z członków delegacji Adam Bielan. Delegacja pytała konwojujących milicjantów o powody tak wolnej jazdy. W odpowiedzi mieli usłyszeć, że takie mają rozkazy. Jeszcze przed Smoleńskiem pojazd z prezesem PiS został wyprzedzony przez kolumnę z premierem Tuskiem, który na Białorusi wylądował kilkadziesiąt minut po Kaczyńskim. Potem autokar z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim jeszcze krążył po mieście. W tym czasie premierzy Polski i Rosji odbyli spotkanie. Informacje te miał zweryfikować Piotr Paszkowski, rzecznik Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych.

Co się dzieje

Stało się
i dzieje w dalszym ciągu
i będzie dziać nadal
jeśli nic się nie stanie co to wstrzyma.

Niewinni nie wiedzą o niczym
bo są zbyt niewinni
Winni nie wiedzą o niczym
Bo są zbyt winni

Biedni nie pojmują tego
bo są zbyt biedni
Bogaci tego nie pojmują
bo są zbyt bogaci

Głupcy wzruszają ramionami
bo są zbyt głupi
Mądrzy wzruszają ramionami
bo są zbyt mądrzy

Młodych to nie obchodzi
bo są za młodzi
Starych to teź nie obchodzi
bo są zbyt starzy

Dlatego nic się przeciw temu nie dzieje
i dlatego to się stało
i dlatego to się dzieje
i dziać będzie nadal

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