Crime Notification: Physics professor M. Dakowski, an expert on rotation dynamics, conservation law and materials resistance made calculations showing that the death of each passenger of the plane was highly unlikely.

Publikacja w serwisie: 24 October 2010
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[PL] Fizyk, Prof. M. Dakowski w sprawie katastrofy smoleńskiej

Physicist, prof. M. Dakowski about the Smolensk crash

Physics professor M. Dakowski, an expert on rotation dynamics, conservation law and materials resistance made calculations showing that the death of each passenger of the plane was highly unlikely.

Warsaw, 2010-10-3

Public Prosecutor General

Andrzej Seremet

General Prosecutor’s Office

Re: The plane Tu 154 catastrophe during its landing at Severny airport on 10 April 2010

Crime Notification

Performing the civic duty of informing a penal prosecution agency about an offence prosecuted ex officio included in the Polish Penal Procedure Code and the legal duty included in article 240 p. l of the Polish Penal Code that says:

“Whoever knowing reliable information about any offence punishable under article 118, 118a, 120-124, 127, 128, 130, 134, 140, 148, 163, 166, 189, 189a p. 1, article. 252 or a terrorist crime that has been committed, performed or attempted does not inform instantly the qualified prosecution agency is liable to imprisonment of up to 3 years”,

I inform that:

  1. being a full professor of physics professionally working on rotation dynamics and conservation law (momentum, angular momentum, etc.) and materials resistance I have made and I possess calculation which shows that acceleration at the moment of the fuselage contact with the ground or trees averaged from 0,4g till 4g (g – gravitational acceleration), which makes highly unlikely the death of each passenger during the braking and as a result of it. It was also impossible for the airframe to make a half-roll after the conceivable loss of the wing fragment at the few metres above the ground.
  2. The fuselage, treated in the calculation as a tube made mainly of duralumin reinforced with ribs, while sliding on the grove should stay integral or fall to not more than three pieces. Its disintegration into tens thousands of pieces is contradictory to the material durability, defined in mechanics. This indicates that the disintegration of fuselage surely happened for other reasons easy to specify unambiguously.
  3. The calculations made on the basis of the revealed black-box records indicate at various, fluctuating and variable velocities of the airframe in the air (e.g. 59 km/h or 158 km/h, which is contradictory to the law of conservation of momentum) while the minimum possible speed of Tu 154 in steady flight was 270 km/h. This is clear and unambiguous evidence that a person or a company that passed the records to the Polish party, had tampered with it.

Laws of physics are absolute. As the laws of nature they are unchangeable and stand above the laws of geopolitics or sociology.

I suggest General Prosecutor’s Office my and known by me experts’ on mechanics, rotation dynamics, electronics and computer science (3D trajectory) participating in the investigation on the merits. Political aspect does not concern us.

Prof. M. Dakowski


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  • andrew001 :

    The laws of physics are irrefutable or as the author writes: absolute. Consequently, this strengthens the view of a significant part of the Polish nation, that a coup d’état and assassination took place on 10 April 2010 in Smolensk – Russia, beyond any reasonable doubt. The assassination of the Polish President and of the other 95 persons on board of the TU154 has gained now a solid scientific basis.

    Other theories, notably presented by the Polish government and the media controlled by it, are herewith debunked and exposed as pretentious, false, and a sham!

    International pressure must be exerted to remove from power the current government guilty of such a heinous act of barbarism and treason, the perpetrators must be named and brought to justice before an international tribunal, mass murder must not go unpunished, especially this one! Polish nation has the right to exist as a sovereign, free and democratic country, ruled by a government respecting the rights of its citizens and securing their very existence.

    No ruler, whose power is being kept secure by the blood of the victims can be named as just and honourable. This barbaric act of treason and cowardice against the polish Nation and Country represents one of the blackest times in the history of Poland! It also resembles the first such attempt known as the Confederation of Targowica organized in 1792 and led by K. Branicki, S. Rzewuski, and S. Potocki. The confederation was formed to eliminate — with the help of tsarist Russia, the progressive reforms enacted by the Four-year Sejm of 1788–92. It went down in Polish history as a symbol of national treason.

    Today the history made a full circle, we witness another Targowica right in front of our eyes, we must not relent in our efforts to thwart the plans. Again the assassinated president and all other members of government were known to be staunch supporters of a strong, free and democratic Poland. They treated the mandate that they received from the nation with honour, defending it to the end, to their deaths. What is even more appalling it appears that one of the members of the coup is a descendant of K. Branicki – one of the fathers of treason.

    Long live Poland!

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Po przekroczeniu granicy rosyjskiej konwój z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim zmierzającym 10 kwietnia do Smoleńska na miejsce katastrofy miał zwolnić, a następnie krążyć po mieście. W tym czasie premier Donald Tusk rozmawiał z Władimirem Putinem. Według ustaleń Polskiego Radia, trasę z Witebska do granicy białorusko-rosyjskiej konwój z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim, który zmierzał do Smoleńska, by zidentyfikować ciało prezydenta RP, pokonał bardzo szybko. Tuż po przekroczeniu granicy rosyjskiej zwolnił. Pokonanie około stu kilometrów z Witebska na miejsce tragedii zajęło blisko trzy godziny. – Bardzo sprawnie dojechaliśmy do białorusko-rosyjskiej granicy. Tam 40 minut sprawdzano nam dokumenty, mimo że mieliśmy paszporty dyplomatyczne. W drodze do Smoleńska eskortowała nas już rosyjska milicja. Jechaliśmy bardzo wolno, około 25-30 km/h - relacjonował jeden z członków delegacji Adam Bielan. Delegacja pytała konwojujących milicjantów o powody tak wolnej jazdy. W odpowiedzi mieli usłyszeć, że takie mają rozkazy. Jeszcze przed Smoleńskiem pojazd z prezesem PiS został wyprzedzony przez kolumnę z premierem Tuskiem, który na Białorusi wylądował kilkadziesiąt minut po Kaczyńskim. Potem autokar z Jarosławem Kaczyńskim jeszcze krążył po mieście. W tym czasie premierzy Polski i Rosji odbyli spotkanie. Informacje te miał zweryfikować Piotr Paszkowski, rzecznik Ministerstwa Spraw Zagranicznych.

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